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Advaita Philosophers foolishly fix soul as God!!


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Advaita Philosophers foolishly fix soul as God!!


Advaita Philosophers try to transcend – The gross and subtle bodies

They try to fix themselves in souls – Since soul is God for them.

They cross the superimposition of the soul – On the external gross body,

They kill all qualities and transcend – The subtle body once for all.

They attain their souls with peace – The peace of a dead body,

They become inert energy in deep sleep – To become stones in future.

They stop with such dead silence – Mistake it as the bliss,

For them absence of loss is the profit – No profit other than this!


In such effort they kill all qualities – Both good and bad.

They live in deep sleep like – Dead bodies, the moving robots.

They feel that is the final state – The so called Avadhuta!

They have stopped with stage – No arrangements of drama.

Their journey is stopped – In the intermediate station.


Shankara established stage – Through His commentaries.

But He showed the second part, – The drama on the stage

Through His prayers on Govinda – The human incarnation.


The detachment from the world – Comes through this peace,

But that is only arranging stage, – The actual drama begins

On the stage, when the devotion – Towards God, the bliss starts.

Rats are removed from the house – To live in the house happily.

Advaitains burn the house – Rats gone, but also the house.


Awareness is gone in deep sleep – Which is the stage for devotion.

No quality is good or bad – By virtue of itself,

Any quality towards God – Is considered to be good,

Any stick in fire is burnt – To become the sacred ash.

Any quality towards world - Is considered to be bad,

Even sugar fallen in mud – Is not acceptable to tongue.

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