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Violation of justice in Pravrutti & Nivrutti


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Violation of justice in Pravrutti & Nivrutti

Eshanas are strong bonds with – Life, Children, Husbands or wives

And wealth, Gopikas were liberated – From all the Eshanas.

Hanuman also is example – For the total sacrifice to God.

He was prepared to sacrifice life – By opening heart with nails.

Dharma Raja could not sacrifice – The justice for the sake of Lord,

He did not tell the lie – Even if the Lord ordered to do so.

Arjuna fought with Krishna – To save Gaya, who surrendered to him.

He could not cross the justice of – Kings to protect the surrendered.


Ramayana and Bhagavatha stand – For Nivrutti, the subject of God.

Mahabharata stands for Pravrutti, - The subject of society only.

Violation of justice in Pravrutti – Leads to hell, the punishment of God.

Pravrutti gives temporary heaven – Nivrutti gives permanent God.

Violation of justice in Nivrutti is – A part of total sacrifice only.

The total sacrifice alone can give – The permanent abode of God.

You should not isolate - The violation of justice from total sacrifice

To conclude that injustice in Nivrutti – Pleases the God.

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