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Gopikas were saints who asked Lord for liberation from Eshanas


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Gopikas were saints who asked Lord for liberation from Eshanas

Eshanas are strong bonds with – Life, Children, Husbands or wives

The sages prayed Lord Rama – To liberate them from Eshanas.

Sages became Gopikas and – Lord Rama became Krishna.

Lord made the sages to be born – As uneducated women

In the backward caste – To release them from bonds of

Forward Brahmin caste, male – Ego and pride of knowledge.


Krishna stole their wealth, butter – Liberated them from wealth,

Krishna attracted their children – Through mischievous games

And liberated Gopikas from – The strong bonds of children,

Krishna attracted Gopikas by dance – Liberated them from husbands,

The three Eshanas of sages – Were cut by His mischievous play.


It was the promise of Lord – Given to sages previously.

When the promise was over – He left Brundavanam.

He never repeated this mischief – Elsewhere in His rest of life.

If He is fond of such mischief – He should have repeated it.

There is no other devotee – To whom He promised the same.

If He is fond of Gopikas only – He should have returned back.


None can even detect Him – He has all the super powers.

But He never returned back – To repeat the mischief with Gopikas,

Because Gopikas were already – Liberated from the three Eshanas.


The last Eshana with life was cut – Only when He left the body.

Gopikas jumped in to fire – While their husbands were alive.

Without knowing the back ground – Do not criticize the Lord.

Veda says “All His desires are fulfilled – What more to desire?”



Bhagavata is a test for scholars – In the spiritual knowledge.

He fulfilled His promise to sages – In the end of Dwaparayuga,

Which is almost beginning of Kali – What is the secret here?

In Kali such qualities become predominant – In the Pravrutti itself.

With the medium of similar qualities – He became dear to souls

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