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Even worst, serving Me alone must be treated as Good


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Even worst, serving Me alone must be treated as Good


In Kali Yuga to preach that – Even bad qualities towards God

Become sacred, Gita says – “Even worst, serving Me alone

Must be treated as Good” – A message for down trodden.

Exceptional are Dharma Raja – And the sages born as Gopikas,

The sages were authors of – Dharma Shastras, scriptures of ethics.

In their case sacrifice of justice – Is most difficult, justice–bond is

The strongest bond in them only, – In the case of common people

This bond is weakest, everybody is – Ready to sacrifice justice.


Even in Pravrutti they sacrifice – Justice for the sake of families,

A prostitute easily sacrifices – Her husband just for a few rupees!

Therefore, for common society – This point does not hold good.

Especially, if you isolate justice – From all the bonds of the soul,

Salvation becomes very easy – Since sacrifice is very convenient.

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