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I am that Dattatreya


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I am that Dattatreya

I am that Dattatreya born to – sage Atri and mother Anasuya.

I came down from Sahya hill – to establish true spiritual knowledge.

I correct the spiritual preachers, - hence, My students are very few.

In that generation I had only – one student that was Adi Shankara.

The reason is not due to – the high standard of My knowledge.

The only reason is that – My knowledge is the unclothed truth always.

Truth is not liked by many, - only Maya attracts the masses here.

The gravel stones are plenty, - only one Kohinoor Diamond.

A school-teacher has hundreds of – students surrounding him,

They are always fond of biscuits – and sweets always.

They always like miracles– to fulfill selfish desires.

They like to use God for them, - not to use themselves for God.

Arjuna used God for his work, - he has no temple at all here,

Hanuman used Himself for God’s work, – for Him many temples.

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