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Yoga means reaching God here


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Yoga means reaching God here


Gita is called as Yoga Shastra since – Yoga means reaching God here

After recognizing His human form, - Yoga means union, it is reaching

The contemporary human incarnation, - Krishna during that time.

Recognition itself is very difficult, - retaining is very very difficult,

Since He throws away devotees – by exhibiting powerful Maya.

The first five steps of yoga of – Patanjali give achievement of

Perfect physical and mental health – required for divine service.

It is the stage essential for drama, - today people stop here only.


The next three steps of Yoga – give firm service to God here.

Dharana is bond with God, - Dhyana is concentration of that bond,

Samadhi is firm decision without – any vibration in the bond.

Hanuman is the best example – for the eight steps of Yoga.

Today people prepare stage, - by following the first five steps.

Pratyahara is the fifth step – in which you withdraw from world.

By that you save mental energy – without any dissipation of it.

Then you concentrate all that – in the service of the Lord here.

While crossing sea, angels tested – Hanuman for His mental power.

Apart from physical strength – it is also essential in His service.

Today after the fifth step, - Yoga is used to concentrate mental power

By withdrawing it from society – to focus it on self and his family!

After fifth step, diversion is done – from the line of God to family.

By this, Yoga is no more divine, - it becomes only a medical science.

Patanjali fixed Lord as goal of Yoga, - the chakras are only whirlpools

That try to swallow the swimmer – trying to reach the other bank,God.

Chakras have no physical significance, - they are only simile for bonds

Other than God, cross them not straight, - but by a curving turn only.



Cross-whirlpool in the same way, - cross Maya by using Maya only.

You have to know both sincerity and – tactful cheating to reach God.

Sincerity in the bond to God, - tactics in the worldly bonds is needed.

Shankara cheated mother, - but always sincere in mission of God.

Cheating is sin in Pravrutti, - but in Nivrutti it is not sin at all.

The human incarnation is human being – charged by God.

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