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End of world


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End of world


A pin and a hill differ quantitatively – but reality is same.

A hill in the dream and - a pin in the world differ in reality.

After the state of dream – deep sleep results everywhere.

The awareness is converted into – the inert energy.

Similarly when the creation – is fully destroyed,

The inert primordial energy – results like in the deep sleep.

Even the souls are converted – into inert impressions.

When the cinema is put off – the cinema remains as film.

The film is static impressions – on the inert substratum.

Similarly after the final dissolution – souls are also fixed

As inert impressions in the – film of primordial energy.


It is a static impression of – the entire creation called as

Avyaktam, which means that – it is not displayed as show.

When the awareness disappears – in the final dissolution,

How can you say that awareness is – the final substratum?

The activities of living and non-living – are static here.

The activity or work of living being – is awareness.

This primordial inert energy – as a static film stands

Based on the final substratum – which is the God.

The inert energy in deep sleep – is also a static film

Carrying on various feelings – as static impressions.

It is a microstate representing – the final dissolution.


The inert energy in deep sleep, - the static microfilm

Is also based on God only – and not on individual awareness,

Which already disappeared – in deep sleep.

You are rising from deep sleep – only by will of God and not

By the will of your soul or – the awareness that disappeared.

Similarly the macro film of – this entire cosmos after

The final dissolution, called as – static primordial energy

Rises to become active as cinema – by the will of God only.

Since God wishes, – immediately you conclude Him

As awareness, applying logic – derived from worldly examples.

God is omni potent and hence – can do anything above logic.

Veda says that God eats every thing, – this does not mean

That God is fire called as - eater of every thing, Sarvabhakshaka.

Brahma Sutra explains this – “Attaa Chaaracharagrahanat”.

God burns every thing - in final dissolution, but not fire.

Veda says, “God walks without legs, – catches without hands”.

This means that God can wish – without being awareness.


Brahma Sutra says “ Due to wish – not primordial energy”.

This means, since – primordial energy cannot wish, being

Inert, it is not the ultimate God, – this does not mean that

God is awareness since God wishes, – “God is not inert”

Does not mean that God is awareness, – you are not Rama,

This does not mean that – you are Lakshmana.

You are neither Rama nor Lakshmana – God is beyond both.


God is neither inert nor awareness, – He is unimaginable.

Mula Maya or primordial energy – has only one defect,

That is, it cannot wish being inert, – awareness has defects

More than hundred, very easy to – deny it, Vyasa wrote

One sutra only to deny Mula Maya, – but he wrote several

To deny awareness in body – “Anupapattestu….” etc.

Awareness is available only – in a living body,

Continuous awareness – is only assumption, not practical.

Matter, visible energy like light – and awareness dissolve

In Mula Maya, when Mula Maya – is rejected to be God,

Not to speak of awareness – which already dissolved.

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