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God is unknowable


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God is unknowable


If you say that He is this and – He is not that, it means

That you have understood God, – None knows God,

Gita says this, – only God knows God, Veda says.

If you say that you know God – you must be God.

You say that you are awareness – and that awareness is God.

Yes, you are only awareness – you know yourself, we agree.

But awareness is not God – since you know awareness, yourself.

Every one is awareness like you, – if God is awareness,

Every body knows God, – then, how Gita said that

None knows God, – then, how Vedas say that

If any body says that he knows God, – he does not know

God at all, if any body says that – he does not know God

He knows God, – this means God is unknowable.




Advaitins have misunderstood – even the theory-class,

Advaita or monism is limited – to human incarnation only,

It should not be extended to – every human being here.

Advaita applies to Shankara, – He is human incarnation.

He swallowed molten lead, – followers could not do so.

He clearly filtered human beings – from Him by this miracle.

He told “Shivah Kevaloham”, – it means that He alone is God.

You have misunderstood Advaita – in the very first step itself

By extending it to all humanity – so that you become God.

This shows your ambition – to become omnipotent God.

Soham means that you are God, – this is the final eternal fruit.

It is possible but you have to – travel in a special path, it is

Dasoham, which means that – you are humble servant to God.

The address of God to serve is – the human incarnation here.

The care in service is that – you should never aspire for soham.

Hanuman studied Gita from Sun, – God told Gita to Sun, first,

He understood that Advaita is fruit, – Dvaita is the path to reach it.


With utmost care, He served His - contemporary human incarnation.

He received the fruit, – Ramayana is the practical procedure,

After understanding theory, Veda, – from Sun, returned to earth.

Advaitin has not understood – even the theory told by Shankara,

The Sun of knowledge on earth, – but follower is not Hanuman!

The follower is only a monkey – jumping quickly from right

Interpretation to wrong interpretation, - how can he come to

The practical procedure? – Ramayana is just a story for him.

Rama is Datta testing devotees severely, – first He masked Himself

With thick ignorance to impress that – He is a common man.

All His life is only examination of devotees, – no preaching here.

All the preaching was over – in the upper world for devotees.


He never showed miracles, – Lakshmana left his wife for Rama.

He acted as a watchman – while Rama enjoyed Sita in hut.

Rama showed climax of love to wife – by running for deer.

Rama overacted by weeping for wife, – all this is to divert

Lakshmana towards his wife, – Lakshmana was firm and never

Misunderstood Rama for His lust, - Rama acted as incapable

In several occasions, – Hanuman solved all His problems,

Some times Hanuman showed – miracles to help Rama,

But Hanuman always praised Rama – as omnipotent God,

Hanuman never thought himself – as God, only servant.


Every step of Ramayana – is a message for Pravrutti externally,

But internally every step is – a test in the end of Nivrutti.

Similarly Bhagavatam is a test – of Nivrutti for the sages.

Krishna acted as a thief and – over showed lust for ladies.

But the sages recognized Him – and surrendered totally to Him.

Mahabharatha shows the failures – of Pandavas in Nivrutti.

Even Dharma Raja, a leader in Pravtutti – could not succeed.

The places of failure are also important – to know for avoiding.

These three epics are – the laboratory – manuals after theory.

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