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Even the greatest sinner is good if he is His devotee


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Even the greatest sinner is good if he is His devotee


Gita says that even the greatest sinner – is good if he is His devotee,

Gita further says that such a sinner - becomes shortly a good person.

The devotee will not become good – simply by singing songs on God

To attain boons from God, – it is a crude primary stage in devotion.

A devotee will try to study the nature – of God in advanced devotion.

The devotee gradually becomes interested – to know the nature of God.

As time proceeds, he looses interest in himself, – interested in God only.

It is the main part of spiritual knowledge, – which is of three items.

Knowledge of God, path to please God – and soul as non-God item

Constitutes Triputi of divine knowledge, – this turns devotee good.

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