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God punishes any body – only for transformation


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God punishes any body – only for transformation

Law and order in God’s hands only


He comes to know that God is – the overall ruler of all creation.

If some body beats you, – keep silent and do not even curse him.

You might have beaten him – in the previous birth and now

It is compensated with interest; – the case is now closed forever.

In this case you cannot expect God – to punish him at anytime.

Your long observation about him – will discourage you thoroughly.

However, if he has beaten you – without this back ground,

God will certainly punish him, – you will beat him with interest.

But the time gap is uncertain, – may be now or may be next birth.


The reason is that God punishes any body – only for transformation.

God might have punished him already – in some other angle,

Which is unknown to you and God is – waiting for the change in him.

If change is not observed – God will use the pending punishments.

Punishment due to you is somewhere – in the list of his cycle.

You are eager to punish him – just to pacify your revenge.

Your aim of punishment differs – from the aim of punishment by God.

If you realize the administration of God – or the cycle of deeds here,

You are not anxious to punish him, - law and order in God’s hands only.

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