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Two deceases in spirituality


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Two deceases in spirituality


Greedy selfishness is first decease, – egoistic jealousy is the second.

First is due to your family bonds, – second is towards co-human form.

First is cured by training yourself – in sacrificing practically in temples.

Of course, your sacrifice goes to priest, - let it be, do not worry on it.

You are learning practical sacrifice – coming out of your family circle.

Here the second decease is also – expected to get cure gradually,

Because you are serving statues – having human form only.

Your repulsion to human form – gets decreased slowly in doing

Service to the statues of human form, - when you are cured fully

From both the deceases, you are – now eligible for Jnana Yoga.


Rituals in temples purify your mind, – Shankara says this.

Jnana Yoga means identifying Satguru, - the human form of God.

Then, devotion to Him and then – service to Him gets eternal fruit.

If you are identifying the purpose – in your temple rituals,

You will reach the goal, one-day or other – tradition expects this.

But without knowing the purpose, - if you simply go on like bull,

Priests exploit you, – Veda says that such a fool is only

The animal-vehicle of angels, - the ignorance stamped by divinity.

Gita says that rituals must be done – after knowing their purpose.

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