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God is pleased by knowledge-Foolishness of Priests!


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God is pleased by knowledge-Foolishness of Priests!


Today the priests recite Vedas – in doing various ritual ceremonies,

None knows the meaning including priest, – this is biggest tragedy!

Gita says that ritual should be – platform for knowledge, Jnana Yajna.

Gita praises knowledge saying that – God is pleased by knowledge.

Vedas are in Sanskrit, – none learns Sanskrit including priest.

Veda itself means knowledge, - knowledge leads to devotion.

Devotion ends in practice – practice alone yields divine fruits.

Sage Yaska says that a ritual performed – by mere recitation

Becomes useless like cooking without fire, – Yaska is Vedic sage.


In ancient days this problem was not there – because for sages

Sanskrit was mother tongue, - if you see other religions, there

The scripture is in mother tongue, – knowledge is attained.

In ritual, several gather, – it is a good opportunity for priest

To propagate divine knowledge – to generate devotion in them.

If devotion is generated – God is pleased with such Jnana Yajna.

This is one serious defect – that eclipsed Hinduism in India.

The second eclipse is human rebirth, - Hindus believe in human rebirth.


Therefore, negligence in spiritual line, - in other religions no rebirth.

People fear if there is only one chance – to write the examination.

Lot of care and attention in other religions, – Hindus are not caring.

In fact, there is no human rebirth, – Shankara says, it is very rare.

Very rare means almost impossible – except in some exceptional cases.


God is omnipotent to sanction – human rebirth for few deserving.

Such exceptional power of God – is not mentioned in other religions.

That did lot of good to them – since they become very careful.

Hindus generalized the special – exemption to all human beings.

This is a misinterpretation and – it harmed a lot giving negligence.

Another misinterpretation is that – sin can be nullified by good deeds.

It is totally wrong, only priests say this – to earn some money by rituals.

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