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God transfers your sins on to Him


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God transfers your sins on to Him

Pandavas did lot of good deeds and rituals – only very little sin.

Their sin was not cancelled by – their good deeds and rituals done.

They went to hell as seen by Dharma Raja – Yama said that

Good and bad are to be enjoyed separately, – no mutual cancellation.


Gita says that God can relieve you from sin, – it is certainly correct.

But if you see the procedure – the fruit of action must be enjoyed.

God transfers your sins on to Him – and relieves you from your sins.

But this is only in the case of – exceptional top most devotees.

Bible also says that He came – to save His people and not all.


Due to these misinterpretations – human beings become sinners

With an idea to cancel sins – later on by doing certain rituals.

The corruption here is in climax – people loot wealth of innocent,

For the luxuries of their family members, – who do not share sin.

People kill others for the sake of – happiness of their kith and kin.

Corruption and crime are maximum – in India compared to others.


Shankara says, worldly bond – is unreal in past, present and future.

Anything unreal in past and future – must be unreal in present also.

The bond between two actors – was unreal before and after drama.

Then, same bond must be – unreal during the time of drama also.

Your family bonds are unreal even now, – since they were unreal

In previous birth and will be unreal – in your future birth.


Sage Ashtavakra says to Janaka that – the mother in the present birth


Becomes the wife of her son in next birth, – understand unclothed truth.

Two actors act as mother and son – in one cinema and the same

Actors act as wife and husband – in the next cinema, we see this.

For such unreal family bonds – you are doing so many sins,

They will not share even a trace – of your sins in the future hell.

Narada revealed this truth to Valmiki, – who was robbing travelers.

Valmiki became the sage – after realizing this truth practically.

Today even basic Pravrutti is dead – Nivrutti is not even in dream.

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