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I know we will beat the Giants this Sunday


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Have you seen the retro uniform the Redskins will be wearing this Sunday?



In celebration of the franchise's 75th anniversary, the Redskins will wear a special throwback uniform for this Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

The team will wear a white jersey with the 75th anniversary logo on it and gold pants with white and burgundy stripes down the side.


The helmet will be yellow-colored with a maroon "R" logo. That's the helmet style the franchise used during the 1970-71 seasons.


The legendary Vince Lombardi, who coached the Redskins in 1969 before passing away, was the inspiration behind the helmet.


Lombardi pushed for the logo, which sat inside a white circle with Indian feathers hanging down from the side, because of its similarity to the "G" on the hemets worn by his Green Bay Packers for many years.


The Redskins' first true helmet logo appeared in 1965.


The helmet color was burgundy, as it had been since 1955, but the logo was a white and gold arrow that appeared on both sides.


It was the same helmet design used by the Redskins in the 2002 season, when they wore throwback uniforms from the 1960s in honor of their 70th anniversary.


The current helmet logo, of an Indian chief in full head-dress, was adopted in 1972.


Sometimes, of course, there's a sense of superstition involved in the look of the team. In 2005, for instance, the team went 6-0 (including a playoff win) with its white-on-white attire late in the season.


Michael Richman is the author of The Redskins Encyclopedia, a 432-page book that spans the 75-year history of the storied franchise.

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