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Mayor Adrian Fenty to give residents of the District of Columbia the impression that he is a pro-active mayor is running up and down the streets of the District of Columbia attending on an average one public event a day.


This activity on the part of Mayor Fenty is designed to make people think that he is doing things for the District of Columbia but, if you take a very close look at what he is doing, he is really doing nothing.


What Mayor Fenty is doing is: Attempting to deceive residents into believing that images of him in action are really actions when in reality, they are not; Detract people from matters he does not want them focusing on; and Gearing himself up for 2010.


Many moons ago, Gary Imhoff as well as others stated in a nutshell that Mayor Fenty sold us on an image but there was no substance behind that image; namely, Mayor Fenty had great one line promises but there was no substance behind any of it.


We are now in the ninth month of the Fenty Administration and still, we are being feed one line promises.


It is becoming painfully clear that Mayor Fenty still cannot offer us anything of real substance that we can point to as being the result of his actions and what little we can, it was something he, Reinoso, Tangherlini or someone else in his administration ripped off from the hard work of others and/or was already in the works long before he became mayor.


When is this fraud going to end?


When are people going to see that they were like the fools at a medicine man show who was sold this magic elixir that would cure all our ills by a con-artist name Adrian M. Fenty?


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