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They're Attacking Already

Guest Mary Beth Kahill

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Guest Mary Beth Kahill

Today is a defining moment in our campaign. By choosing John Edwards as his running mate, John Kerry showed that his campaign is about optimism, values, and building a stronger America.


This morning, the Bush-Cheney campaign launched an ad attacking John Kerry's decision. This ad was produced before they even knew who had been selected. George Bush and Dick Cheney are showing once again that they are consumed by negativity and unable to defend their record.


These ads are designed to damage our campaign and put us on the defensive. We refuse to let that happen. Every time they have launched an attack on John Kerry, you have stepped up and fought back. Now they are attacking John Edwards, and we are asking you to come through once again.




Now it's Kerry-Edwards versus Bush-Cheney, and we will keep pressing forward until we take back the White House -- it is essential that we keep up our momentum.

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Guest Nader

Senator John McCain has rejected assertions by other Republicans that his colleague, Senator John Kerry, would endanger national security if elected.



"I don't think that," Mr. McCain said on CBS this morning. "I think that John Kerry is a good and decent man. I think he has served his country. I think he has different points of view on different issues and he will have to explain his voting record. But this kind of rhetoric, I think, is not helpful in educating and helping the American people make a choice." Mr. McCain also defended Mr. Kerry in an appearance on NBC's "Today," saying in response to a question that he did not believe Mr. Kerry was "weak on defense." [New York Times, 3/18/04]


Here is a flattering quote McCain gave on Edwards.


Edwards has been very charismatic. He's a very attractive young man." [New York Newsday, 2/29/04]

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