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It has been reported that the DC jail holding center beneath the Superior Court of the District of Columbia is neither fit for man or beast, but little has been done to correct this despite an admission of this mess from Chief Judge Rufus King.


Probably the number one reason behind this foregoing problem is the fact that the Metropolitan DC Police Department is arresting people on such petty matters knowing that the Office of the United States Attorney will decline to prosecute 38% of all arrestees.


We believe that the high number of petty arrests is part of a scam between the Office of the United States Attorney, Metropolitan DC Police Department and the DC Public Defenders’ Service in the name of keeping lawyers at work to spend taxpayer dollars rather than to allow a high rate of unemployed lawyers.


The U.S. Department of Justice managed years ago to have the federal sentencing guidelines adjusted where judges had to hand down a set punishment for every known crime committed and could not deviate without permission of the US DOJ. Now it is time that our prosecutors have some handcuffs put on them in the form of guidelines that prohibit them and the police from arresting and prosecuting every criminal offense rather that citing and fining. Doing this will end the over-crowding of our jails and the filthy conditions that ensue.


Jails were originally meant to house violent offenders but today, we seem to want to lock up everybody who offends us even in the most non-threatening way, and this has been caused by greedy lawyers who write our laws and want to force us to retain their services.


This garbage needs to end and lawyers need to stop playing God with the lives of others in the name of profit.


Chief Judge Rufus King should speak out about the needless and petty arrests that is cluttering up his in-house holding center, cluttering up the criminal docket of his court and playing games withe the lives of mainly the poor and minorities who are the largest percentage of victims of this scam by lawyers.

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