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Whether God is sadist to create this world for His entertainment


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Whether God is sadist to create this world for His entertainment

Some people criticize that God is enjoying the creation by entertaining Himself while the souls are troubled with problems and the blame God with sadism. The entertainment of God is not at all the sadism. Sadism is based on two points. One is: that the sadism is exhibited in reality in the world and not in the imaginary world. For God, this world is imaginary and not real. However, the sadism in the imaginary world may also show the attitude towards sadism in the mind. Even that point is ruled out because the second point for the sadism is: that a sadist enjoys by torturing some innocent person without justified reason. Here in the case of God, the problem of the soul in the world is based on its own actions and the punishment is given based on perfect justice. Hence, the point of sadism cannot be attributed to God even in mind. Moreover, the soul is not concerned with the entertainment of God because the soul is not punished on any unjust reason.


If the soul follows the rules of God in the justice, no problem can be seen by the soul. A rich person started a college for entertainment or to escape the income tax on his wealth. This point is unnecessary for the student as long as the college is running on the rules of University. The student has scope to argue against the management provided any type of injustice takes place in teaching or in the examinations. As long as the academic program is perfectly implemented, the student has no scope of argument against the original intention of the management in starting the college. Only a student, who is not perfectly following the academic schedule, will bother about such irrelevant points to mask his own defects.


If some body still argues on this point due to foolishness, the only answer is that God is the supreme most boss and there is no body to argue with Him. If an ant comments on the driver of car, such comment is not even heard by the driver! Since you do not know all the actions of a soul from its childhood, you should not say that a particular soul is good and yet is punished without justice. Neither you are capable of noting all the actions of a soul nor you are capable of judging the action in depth. Shankara established the nature of the world as unreal by itself and is felt real as long as the world exists based on God. Such unreal world is imaginary. The dream cannot be real without its basic material, which is the soul or awareness. Similarly, a pot without mud and a chain without gold are unreal and they are imaginary or illusory. But the world is imaginary to God only and not to your self. If you say that the world is imaginary for your self also and try to do sins, you will have to undergo all the punishments and you must feel the punishments also as imaginary like your sins! Your sins and their punishments are within the realm of the world only and hence both must be imaginary!

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