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The best way of pleasing God


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The best way of pleasing God

If you are irritated with the misery, you are indirectly criticizing God for His creation of misery in this world. A poet becomes fully happy, if you are entertained by each poem written by him. If you are irritated with some poems, the poet will be unhappy with you. The poet is happy with each poem written by himself. Therefore, if you dislike anybody or anything in this world, it amounts to disliking a particular poem of the poet. If you love even the greatest sinner, who is your bitter most enemy and if you like every situation in this world, then you are liking every poem of the poet in his epic (world). This is the best way of pleasing God. The producer and director created the cinema and if you are his beloved servant, you should like every scene and every role in the cinema created by him, while you are giving company to him in seeing the picture. Anything created in this world exists because God liked it. Hence, if you dislike anything or anybody, it means that you are disliking the part of His creation, which is existing because He already liked it.


If you are a true devotee and a loyal servant of God, His liking must be your liking. Since God likes every thing and every body in this creation, every thing and every body exists. If He does not like anything or anybody such thing and such living being cannot be created at all. Since, what ever is existing is created by God and that is created because God liked it, you must also like every thing and every body in His system created by Himself. Even the atheist, who scolds God is liked by God like a hot dish of chilly in the meals. In fact, God requested His loyal servant, Jaya, who is standing before His gate to take the role of Shishupala and scold Him continuously hundred times! God wanted to eat hundred hot dishes continuously since He was bored with the continuous sweet praises of devotees.

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