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Michael Vick filed his plea agreement in federal court


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I don't know what to think of the Michael Vick plea today. He admitted to conspiracy in a dog fighting ring, bankrolling the operation, and helping kill pit bulls. He does not admit to gambling on the dogs, rather he says his three co-defendants/rats split any money won on the fights.


I mean it’s a great deal for Vick, the best scenario he could of imagined. Think about it, if he had to go to trial then all the gruesome actions and terrible stories would have come out to the public. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would have been cringing his teeth the entire year with the constant press surrounding one player and not the game itself.


He will still do the same amount of time but won’t have to publicly admit to all the horrendous killings. He just says he participated in or knew about them. I wonder if this plea will be enough????

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