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Did DC Councilwoman Mary M. Cheh lie to DC Office of Campaign Finance investigators over when she began occupying her campaign headquarters at 4731 Wisconsin Avenue NW.


Cheh claims her stay was between August to November 2006.


Unfortunately, others say it began before the summer of 2006 and as early as April.


Employees of the Christian Science Reading Room which occupied the office next to Cheh’s said Cheh began occupying her campaign headquarters around the time Bill Rice announced his candidacy (April 2006) for the ward 3 city council seat.


Photographs offered up to DC OCF of Cheh and her campaign staff was taken in early July 2006 although the pictures lack a time/date stamping.


DC OCF general counsel Kathy Williams has stated that DC OCF is willing to re-open the case if new evidence can be presented that clearly pinpoints Cheh’s occupancy before the mid-August 2006 date she claims.


A lot of ward 3 residents led by four ward 3 ANC commissioners say that Cheh is lying through her teeth and are now looking for physical proof to support the fact Cheh lied to investigators.


Cheh is notorious for acts of deception and will not admit to such behavior until cornered like she was when the Washington City Paper popped her over IRS violations.


Cheh may think she is out of the woods but she is not, as a lot of people are banning together to find both physical evidence and highly credible witnesses to establish that she lied to investigators and that her lease agreement with PN Hoffman Company is a sham lease concocted by Cheh and Hoffman to cover up months of free rent.

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