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From: JRR [mailto:jrrees2006@]

Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:31 PM

To: 'themail@dcwatch.com'




If I am upsetting anyone with the things I say, then I will attribute that to two factors and they are: 1) All attacks on me are coming from my opponent(s) and/or their supporters; and 2) I must be touching upon a nerve and getting too close for comfort.


The fact is, why any reader would become so uptight over anything I say does not make sense unless the reader(s) expressing unhappiness and want me silenced is the person(s) I am talking about or a supporter who fears that maybe somebody will start taking an honest look at what is being said and do something about it, and that is a scary thought.


When I filed my complaint with the DC OCF against Councilwoman Mary Cheh, there were about five witnesses who had no interest in the outcome that placed Cheh at her campaign headquarters in April 2006 not August, and the fact that the DC OCF chose to believe Cheh over others has nothing to do with whether or not the allegations were false but it might just be as Theresa Conroy put it in the July 29 edition of “themail”; a white wash by OCF.


Also, any intelligent reader if they had read that OCF report Gary Imhoff linked would have quickly noticed a major error by DC OCF.


What is that error?


1) DC OCF found that Mary Cheh rented her campaign office from PN Hoffman from mid August – mid November 2006;


2) That Mary Cheh paid $2,500 for the first month, $1,500 for the second month but Mary Cheh paid nothing for the last two months of her alleged four (4) month lease agreement; and


3) How could DC OCF rule that Mary Cheh did not get at least two free months of rent from PN Hoffman Co when the evidence she did was smacking them in the face?


If anybody wants to attack me then first know the facts, attack the correctness of the facts but when people only want to attack my person not what I say, then I know that I have done the right thing.


As far as I am concerned, Mary Cheh did all that I accused her of, the evidence is there in black and white, DC OCF knows it but chose to pervert justice as a favor to a sitting member of DC City Council and that is why I have asked the US Department of Justice – Fraud and Public Corruption division to look into this perverting of justice by DC OCF and the lying to investigators by Cheh.


DC OCF’s own finding of fact again shows Cheh did not pay for two months of rent valued at $3,000.00 and evidence that shows she got three more months of free rent on the back side.


Attack the merits of what I say not me which nobody has yet to do.

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