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Back in November 2006, Attorney General Linda Jill Singer when interviewed by Yolanda Woodlee of the Washington Post insisted that she had never met Mayor Adrian Fenty prior to a breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel nor had she worked on his campaign. Singer also in that article pointed out that her husband Joe Sternlieb knew Fenty and Tangherlini and that was it. Thus she was so surprised that he would offer her the chance to become DC’s next attorney general as many of you might recall. Yolanda Woodlee who reads TheMail stated to me on the phone 7-25-2007, that she noticed how Joe Sternlieb had contradicted his wife’s previous denial of having any role in the Fenty campaign.


Sternlieb’s own words as quoted by Gary Imhoff: [sternlieb also denied that he supported Adrian Fenty for mayor prior to the primary election last year. He said that while his wife, Linda Singer, “hosted a fundraiser for Fenty”, he himself did not support Fenty and didn’t even vote for him in the primary.] http://www.dcwatch.com/themail/2007/07-07-25.htm


I accused Linda Singer of being untruthful and being a fundraiser for Mayor Fenty and Councilwoman Cheh. For saying such, I caught a lot of flack, was called every name in the book and accused of having some mental defect.


Thanks to Gary Imhoff who decided to release information about a phone call he recently received from Joe Sternlieb in the July 25 edition of TheMail, Sternlieb has contradicted what his wife had stated to the Washington Post and confirmed what I had said all along that his wife, Attorney General Linda Singer did in fact engage in fundraising for Fenty and she lied to everyone about it! Linda Singer should voluntarily resign immediately for lying not just to the Washington Post, the DC City Council but to the people of Washington, DC.


If the team of Sternlieb and Singer would deny long ago they were fundraisers for Fenty and of recent, deny they were fundraiser for Cheh only to see Sternlieb flip on the issue, then what are the chances that my allegations that they did fundraising for Cheh as a PAC but were untruthful about it to the DC OCF most probable?


I think we all know that when we hit our leaders with the truth, they and their supporters rather than be mature about it and admit and apologize go into a defensive mode by attacking you and trying to hurt you in your person only because you spoke the truth. Fenty sent his goons to my home, Fenty had Dorothy Brizill arrested on a bogus charge and Fenty has done other vile things to anyone who dares to challenge him, and Cheh is just as vicious by sending her goons to my job and accusing me of the most horrifying stuff and attempting to accuse my employer of not being a properly licensed health care provider. Cheh know I have a video tape of her goons to prove it and I challenge her to deny it and then let’s look at that video and pictures of her hugging these two bums that previously appeared on her campaign website.


DC Government is more crooked that Tammany Hall or the Daley Machine of Chicago and it is time that the US Department of Justice devote massive funding to clean up DC or Congress abolish Home Rule.

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