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Illegal Maryland Inter-County Connector Construction

Guest JaneSays

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Guest JaneSays

Although the State of Maryland agreed not to start construction while the ICC cases are in court, I saw substantial activity today at the Georgia Avenue staging area. Gates were open, and two heavy yellow earthmovers were present inside.


A friend reports that a one lane access road had been constructed in his area near New Hampshire Ave into the woods as well.


Although there has been small scale activity(like test drilling to determine bedrock depth) since early 2006, there is a new burst of activity around ICC staging areas.


If MD does not start construction until the day after the last court case is heard-and wins all cases in one day each, they could not start construction until Nov 1-too late to do much before winter sets in and halts construction activity.


In all probability, MD will lose the entire 2007 construction season to the court cases, court delays, court appeals-and then to "Generals Frost and Mud," whose winter appearance will halt any construction. They wanted to start construction in early fall-now they lose the season if they canot build until Nov 1. That is, they will if they do not build illegally while the court cases are still pending!


There are several possibilities here:


1: they want to "pre-stage" and do as much as they legally can, so as to be able to very quickly start construction on Nov 1, so as to start this year and not in 2008.


2: Do they intend to start construction while court cases are PENDING


Either way the judge should be informed, as this could well constitute contempt of court by the MD State Highway Administration.


The ICC is supposed to be STOPPED for this construction season, but now it looks like MD is trying to cheat.

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