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Throughout American history, corruption has been a part of life in the USA but the three biggest cities known for its corruption was first New York City with its Tammany Hall, Chicago with the Daley Machine and in recent times, the District of Columbia with Team Fenty.


America’s most corrupt governments were under Democratic Party rule.


What corrupted these three cities were developers whose greed for more and more money without consideration for the impact their developments would have on their cities resulted in bribes flying everywhere, people getting hurt physically and otherwise and a breakdown of quality city services.


Sure there is corruption elsewhere in the USA but not as rampant as it is in the District of Columbia from Mayor Fenty, to all members of the DC City Council and down to the heads of the agencies of the District of Columbia government.


All outward indications show that Team Fenty is far more corrupt than the Barry Machine was, but it will take time for the public to realize it and see the fruits of this corruption.

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