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Supply Schisandra chinensis Extract 5% Schisandrin


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Schisandra chinensis Extract



Schisandra chinensis Extract 5% Schisandrin


Latin Name: Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.)Baill


Part Used: Berry


Active Ingredient:

Schisandrin deoxyschisandrin neoschisandrin schisandrol chisantherin gomisin

Assay: Schisandrins>1% ,2% 5%, 9% by HPLC


Main Content: Schisandrin A¡¢Schisantherin A£¬B£¬C£¬D£¬E


Traditional use:

Kidney tonic

Lung astringent.


Night sweats,



Physical exhaustion.




Your early reply will be appreciated and wish you all of the best and regards!


Sincerely yours,


Sales Manager:lily liu


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Website: http://www.organic-herb.com

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