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DCist wrote on July 16, 2007:


We tragically forgot to mention in (About Tonight) that all left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers will gather on the Mall for Screen on the Green's first showing of the summer, Annie Hall. The movie starts just after sunset on the screen between 4th and 7th, NW. Bring an umbrella and/or a Faraday cage, as the thunderstorm watch goes until 9 p.m., but the screening is more or less rain or shine, unless lightning makes an appearance. For updates call 877-262-5866.


The fact that the DC Jewish community is the most left-winged Jewish community in the USA and DC has become the Jewish homosexual capital of the USA is not a reason for DCist to poke fun.


The fact that DCist is packed with people of German decent may explain the anti-Semitism: E.g. Martin Austermuhle its lead political blogger.

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