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Corruption by government officials is a fact of life and not even the efforts in DC by U.S. Attorney Jeffery Taylor, DC Inspector General Charles Willoughby or others can put an end to it but merely do their best to contain it.


Throughout history, most government officials who allowed corruption to flourish like in Boston, Chicago and New York actually did not upset voters because they knew that their long term success was routed in allowing some of the graft to trickle down to the little guy on the corner by means of a job, help with personal problems and more.


Sadly, DC government officials are as greedy as they come, they get it all and nothing ever trickles down, and then they can’t understand why there is so much criticism of them by voters.


Those doing the corrupting in DC in 2007 are no different than the ones who did it in Boston, Chicago or New York in 1907.


No one ethnic group or what have you has been immune from involving itself in public corruption, but the two most powerful groups for the last 100 years and more have been the Italians and the Jews.


Sure there are others but they are not as well organized or funded as the Italians and Jews. The Italians are best know for The Mafia and the Jews for The Purple Gang and other units of crime.


Italians who engage in this behavior trigger the bigotry and stereo-typing of all Italians, and the Jews who do it actually trigger anti-Semitism seen even on local blogs and message boards in Metro DC whether either group wants to accept such reality. In 2007, Italian organized crime figures and their operatives still pave the side walks of Capitol Hill but on the local DC level, it is the Jews behind the corrupting of our local leaders but they call themselves Developers like Joe Sternlieb.


Sadly, organized crime is here to stay and the best we can do is, to do as we have, but maybe a bit more and that is, to be more aggressive by slamming these bums.

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