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In 2004, Richard Mathias a former auditor with the DC Office of Campaign Finance was fired from his job only because he had co-operated with the DC Office of the Inspector General and the US Dept. of Justice in an investigation of officials with the DC Office of Campaign Finance who were violating both District and Federal laws.


As a result of his wrongful termination, Mathias filed a lawsuit.


That lawsuit is still ongoing because District officials have been throwing one monkey wrench after another into the case to slow down a resolution.


It is no hidden secret that Cecily Collier-Montgomery is one of the most corrupt agency heads the Government of the District of Columbia has every had, and also has had a very unhappy personal life where her husband Dr. Alfred Montgomery, DVM has fathered a child/children with another woman while married to Cecily Collier-Montgomery.


It is this unhappy marriage and the wrongs that Dr. Montgomery has subjected Cecily Collier-Montgomery to that motivates her to be so dishonest in all her dealings. As such, she feels that she has to lie, cheat, distort the truth and cover up for government officials who do wrong in order to keep her job and maintain the standard of living that her four children have grown accustomed to because, she feels alone and betrayed by her adulterous husband.


As long as Cecily Collier-Montgomery heads the DC Office of Campaign Finance, the truth will never be a part of any decision she makes as she makes them all despite whatever the evidence her staff comes with. If she doesn't like the findings or evidence her staff brings, she makes them make things disappear so she can arrange a ruling that will enrich herself not the people of the District of Columbia.


The Truth is a foreign and vulgar concept to such a good Catholic like Cecily Collier-Montgomery as she has already made her pack with Satan and he can't wait to collect.

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