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Whether it is the DC Public Schools or other school districts, two things they all have in common are: 1. Each school district has been given more than enough money to fulfill its needs for keeping buildings up to par, teacher and other salaries and more; and 2. Schools have been crumbling and teachers leaving.


So if our school districts have had the past twenty (20) years all they needed to run effectively and in state of the arts facilities, then what is going wrong?


The answer is quiet simple; namely, gross misappropriations with most of it being in the form of exorbitant salaries to school chancellors, school administrators, awarding contracts for building and supplies by gougers, an over-hiring of support staffing, buying things not needed and failing to downsize when schools are only have the size they use to be.


So far, Mayor Fenty is following in the same foots steps of those who have destroyed our schools if you look at what he is agreeing to pay, who he is paying it to, what is on his table to do and it is all a new formula for failure.


Sadly, we have to question the intelligence of the members of the DC City Council who seems to rubber stamping all that Fenty does, and this is clearly the result that each of them is extremely ignorant of what is needed to be done and thus they are allowing themselves to cover up for their sheer ignorance and trust in a man (Fenty) who was a very poor student himself and barely passed the bar examine to tell them what is best along with a ho hum former school board member (Victor Reinoso) who was a part of the problem, and an absentee former leader of D.DOT (Dan Tangherlini) who deceived taxpayers by being away most of the time in Pennsylvania attending college to get his MBA and used the modern invention called the cell phone to make most think he was at work but busy on the Hill.


Paraphrasing Gary Imhoff of DC Watch, we’ve been here before and I think when 2010 rolls around we will be no better off.

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