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As has been stated many times,


Mayor Adrian Fenty will be a failure when it comes to fixing the problems he says is afflicting the DC Public Schools for three reasons, and they are:


1. Fenty needs 24 times the amount of money he now has to do the job correctly;


2. Fenty and the people he has chosen to do the job have absolutely no real experience in administering and managing a school system; and


3. Fenty has already allowed his choices in this matter to fall prey to cronyism.


D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee to be, is moving full steam ahead in attempting to implement Fenty’s faulty dream.


While we have admitted that Fenty will have an impact, it will only be in the area of improving the physical appearance of “some of the schools” but he will have no impact upon the performance and test scores of the students.


The most important part of any educational system is the performance of students, preparing them for either college or technical school after grade 12, and it will be in this area where Fenty will fail miserably!


Residents of the District of Columbia are at a point that they will try anything because we have gone down so far, there is no place to go but up. As such, the voters figure why not give Fenty a try but that does not mean that they support all that he is doing.


There is proof in the pudding in what we say.


Taking a look at the new school built in ward 1 on 16th Street known as Lincoln Multicultural School, we have a brand new school with all the bells and whistles but that has had no impact on the performance of its students and their test scores are still dropping.


There are far too many external factors that Mayor Fenty, the DC City Council and others have no control over that is affecting the performance of students and it appears that all of them are clueless. We are talking about: TV, radio, video games, playmates, lack of parental supervision; unnecessary subject studies; poor nutrition and so much more.


Mayor Fenty is poorly informed and misguided that he would believe that throwing money at the problem, firing and hiring school officials and more is the solution to our ills. He is so wrong.


All Fenty has really been doing is giving jobs to his friends, lining their pockets with outlandish paychecks, preparing to enrich developers who funded his political campaign but nothing he is doing is going to help students when all is said and done. The Fenty dream is the biggest scam to hit DC and is really intended to enrich a few.

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