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There is no doubt and the stats will support it, but since Adrian Fenty became mayor of the District of Columbia and appointed Cathy Lanier as the chief of the Metropolitan DC Police Department that all types of crime have been on the rise.


Should this be a surprise?


Of course not. If Cathy Lanier when acting 4D Commander covered up domestic violence in the Fenty marital home as a favor, and that favor was returned by Fenty when he appointed her, can you expect Fenty or Lanier to care about law breakers when they are such themselves?


Two former 4D MPD officers have said that they wanted to arrest Fenty for hitting his wife but Lanier put a stop to an arrest.


These same officers said that NBC4 news commentator Tom Sherwood was aware of the domestic violence in the Fenty home, wanted to do a story on it but his bosses would not allow it.


A rise in crime was predicted for DC before these two took office and because of what they will or will not do.

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