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The essence of Gita


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The essence of Gita

The essence of Gita should be understood on this day, which is the real celebration of His birthday. The birthday was for His body or the medium into which God entered. God has no birth. When He is in the human body, He becomes one with it and thus the devotees who desire to see Him can see Him. They can touch Him, they can talk with Him, and they can live with Him. These four are called as the rare fortunes (Bhagya Chatustaya). When God and the medium become one, God has birth from the point of the medium and has no birth from the point of God.


The monoism or Advaita is only in the case of the human incarnation and not in the case of human being. There is no context of Advaita in human being because there is only one item which is the medium. In the human incarnation, there are two items (God and medium) and therefore the concept of Advaita arises. Advaita means not two. When there is only one item, where is the context of not two? When it is simply a wire, it is called as a wire. When the current flows in it, the debate comes whether such wire can be treated as current or current and wire separately.


In this context only we can say that the wire and current are one and the same since they cannot be isolated. This cannot be extended to the non-electric wire. Even an atheist can take Atma Yoga from Gita and be peaceful and happy in His life (Pravrutti). This is common to both atheist and theist. Unless you are settled in your life, you cannot serve your parents. Therefore Sankara came initially and stressed on this universal concept. Ramanuja and Madhva came and stressed on the Paramatma Yoga which is the service to be done to the parents as your duty. There is no need of aspiring any fruit in return for your service and sacrifice to the parents because your body, knowledge etc. are only from the parents.


Similarly, you should not aspire anything in return from God for your sacrifice and service to Him. The business can be done with your colleague souls. The angels are also souls in the energetic bodies. Therefore the business was indicated in Gita between the human beings and angels. But position of God is not the position of soul even though He is appearing as a soul in the human incarnation. The parents and human beings appear in the same form but you can do business with the outsiders and not with the parents. This is the essence of Gita.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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