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Meaning of 'Son of God' as told by Jesus


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Meaning of 'Son of God' as told by Jesus


Jesus claimed Himself as the son of God. In fact any human incarnation is son of God. If the human incarnations are sons of God, what about the other human beings in the creation? They are daughters of God. What is the difference and similarity between son and daughter? The similarity is that both son and daughter are the issues of father and mother. Similarly the human incarnation and the human being have the same parents and similar birth. The difference between son and daughter is that the son is a male like the father and the daughter is a female like the mother. Here God is the divine father. The power of God which is in the form of creation (Prakruti) is the divine mother. Thus the human incarnation and the human being are created by the will of God and by the body given by the mother.


Therefore the human incarnation and the human being have the same human bodies with the same five elements. The will of the God is the sperm of the Father that entered the womb of the mother secretly. Gita says the same (Tasmin Garbham Dadhamyaham). It appears as if the mother has delivered the child because the union of the Father with mother is a secret. Similarly, it appears as if the children are produced from parents, who constitute the divine mother (Prakruti) only. Without the will of God, the child cannot be born and the will of God is secret.


Now the human being is a replica of the mother. This means that the human being consists of the structure of the mother only in toto. The structure of the Father is not seen in the daughter. The awareness (soul) is a part of the creation (Prakruti) only and is called as Paraprakruti (Prakrutim Viddhi Me Param - Gita). The external body and the subtle body (Gunas or Antahkaranams) constitute another part of creation called as Aparaprakruti). In fact the awareness itself is another Antaharanam called as Chittam that stores the knowledge. In the Aparapraruti, only three Antahkaranams are told in Gita. Therefore Chittam, the awareness storing the knowledge must be Paraprakruti. Therefore the human being is just a photograph or duplicate of the Prakruti or Mother.


If you analyze the son, the body of the son is also from the womb of the same mother but it contains an extra item that is the male structure of the Father. Similarly in the human incarnation, all the items of the human being (which are categorized as Para and Apara) exist with an additional item which is God (The Divine Father). The son is a human body like the daughter from the womb of the mother but has extra structure of the Father. Similarly the human incarnation is a human being and God joined together. This extra structure of God does not exist in all the human beings. This is the meaning of the ‘son of God’ as told by Jesus.


Similarly Krishna is the human incarnation having the contribution from both the mother and Father. He refers to the aspect of God (Ajopisan….) and also to the aspect of Mother (Prakrutim svam….). Thus human incarnation is two in one system. Generally, He acts like His sisters in respecting the mother by following all the rules of nature only. Only in a rare occasion, He behaves like the father and controls the mother for which the mother will not mistake.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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