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Experience in the difficulties gives you the proof of the status of your soul

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Experience in the difficulties gives you the proof of the status of your soul

The difficulties are really pious because they serve the Lord on the earth when He comes down bored with continuous happiness in the upper world. The servants of God are always your real guides in the spiritual path. Getting detachment from the difficulties is not the aim of the Lord. If that were the aim, the Lord would have not created problems at all in this world. The difficulties serve as a good intervals between two happy scenes. After misery the happiness gives you the real taste just like the sweet after tasting pickle. Therefore, to enjoy the happiness, misery is a pre-requisite. God enjoys both happiness and misery equally like sweet and hot dishes in the meal. Even the soul has to enjoy in this way only, if it wants to reach the state of God. The difficulties are real preachers even to Advaita scholars. In the lifetime if the soul is enjoying the difficulties also with equal entertainment, such a soul is certainly the Brahman. Thus, the experience in the difficulties gives you the proof of the status of your soul.


Logically you may arrive that you are God but experience is different from logic. Logically one may prove that the food eaten is another form of the excretion of the human being itself. The pigs eat the excretion of human being and excretion of pigs is used as manure for the fields. The manure becomes the material of the crop. All this logistic cycle proves that the human being is eating its own excretion. But such conclusion is not correct because the experience in tasting the food is quite different from tasting the excretion.


Logic is useful in rejecting the non-divine items but not in experiencing the divine nature of God. God is beyond logic. Therefore, if you are God (Brahman), why don’t you enjoy the problems like the tragic scenes in the cinema? For you (Advaita scholar) the entire creation is only imaginary like the cinema. Therefore, the difficulties prove that the soul is not God by itself inherently. But the soul can become God when God charges it to enter this world as the human incarnation. If the soul enjoys the difficulties, the soul reaches the state of God even though the soul does not become God. When the soul becomes God (when the soul is charged by God and becomes human incarnation) such soul is the creator, maintainer and destroyer of the world. But when the soul attains the state of God, the soul is equal to God in all aspects (Matbhavayopapadyate—Gita) except in the above-mentioned three aspects because it is not actually God.



At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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