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Should Mayor Tony Williams Resign?

Guest ahjgroup

With rising rents and taxes, crime and corruption should Mayor Williams resign  

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  1. 1. With rising rents and taxes, crime and corruption should Mayor Williams resign

    • IT'S Time to Retire Traveling Tony Williams.
    • Tony Willams has failed.
    • We need a real Democrat as Mayor.

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Guest ahjgroup

While Downtown Washington has benefited from Tony Williams as Mayor, Poitical

Watchers have seen a steady decline in his popularity since he has been traveling with President George Bush and supporting conservative Republican Programs like Charter Schools. More City and Democratic Party Leaders have been indicted and convicted than the terms of all three former Mayors including Marion Barry. Ward 8, our poorest ward still has lacks a Grocery Chain or sit down restaurant. Residents of Wards 3 and 4, have experience the largest property taxe increase inour city's history. And inspite of Mayor Williams opening doors for downtown Business Development. he can't provide summer jobs for all D.C. Children seeking to work. Our Health Care System, is failing and African American, Latino and fixed to moderate income whites continue to be pushed into Maryland, to make room for Tony Williams New upscale residents. And as of June 26,2004, Mayor Tony Williams has spent nearly a quarter of a millions on traveling, a record frquent flyer miles. Your hard earned tax dollars. Tell us are you satisfied with Tony or is it time to send Tony Traveling with Georhe Bush back to Texas.

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