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Sins are not cancelled by doing mere good social works

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Sins are not cancelled by doing mere good social works


The sins are not cancelled by doing mere good social works. You will have the separate results for the good and bad deeds. Pandavas did lot of good works but did very few bad works. The lot of good did not cancel their little bad sin. The Pandavas went to hell for a short time to suffer for the little sins and then went to heaven to enjoy the good results for a long time. This means that the good works, which will have separate good results, cannot cancel the sin. Hanuman advises Ravana not to do injustice and says that good deeds like penance cannot cancel the sins, since both have to be enjoyed separately (Praptam Dharma Phalam…Adharmasyapiha Phalam….Ramayana). But the devotion to God can cancel the sin because God will suffer for the sins of His devotees (Ahamtva ...Gita). Gita says “Apchet….Bhajatemam”, which means that even the greatest sinner is protected if he serves the God.


Some preachers take this verse and apply to the case of a theoretical devotee who sings songs etc. The verb Bhaja means service and not songs (Bhaja Sevayam…). This verb has also another meaning of attainment (Bhaja Prapane). You cannot say that the devotee will be saved if he attains God. Ravana reached Kailasa and stood near God and this is attainment of God, which could not save him.


At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami


Anil Antony



Universal Spirituality for World Peace


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