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D.c. Democrats Need Fresh New Leadership


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The New Democratic Alliance of D.C. is a coalition of Dstrict of Columbia Democrats declaring our Independence from the present Democratic State Committee(except the Ward 8 Delegation and a selected few others, who voted in the best interest of the people of our city.


However a majority of the committee are Political Pawns of Traveling Tony Williams, and take their marching orders from Mayor Tony Williams, as such they don't care about our increasing rent and property taxes , our troubled school system, rising cost of prescription drugs in our city, corrupton which has run rampard in the Williams Administration and the Mayors traveling with conservative republicans like George Bush and Bob Dole. And his co-hosting a fundrasier for

a Republican Congressmember.


Meanwhile under the present Democratic State Committee elected in 2000, the committee has failed to take any positive position on crtitical issues during it's four year tenture. I introduced two resolutions to support saving D.C. General Hospital, the Mayors pawns voted it down, Resolutions on Full Funding of D.C. Schools and reprimending Mayor Williams for co-hosting a fundrasier for a Republican Member of Congress were shot down by Mayor Willams political appointees or those with contracts through the Mayor.


On Sept.12th, We the People can throw out Mayor William's flunkies on our State Committee, and take about our party. Our recruitement of young democrats has failed, Minority Business support is declining and our party is controlled by conservative K Street Lawyers and Corporate Lobbyist.


Ask yourself does D.C. Need two Republican Parties? We must take back thois party, and take a leadership role in reformimg education, health care, affordable housing, youth and senior services and addressing the needs of a diverse city, now.


The New Democratic Alliance, Think Tank is seeking volunteers to get involved in changing politics and public service in D.C.let us know how you feel about these issues, and register to volunteer email ahjgroup@earthlink.net

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