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Did Adrian Fenty win the mayoral race with the help of John Falcicchio or was his win really the result of vote tampering.


What we mean by vote tampering is. It is no hidden secret that Fenty guaranteed Alice Miller who is the Director of the DC Board of Elections and Ethics that her job would be secure if he wins, and at the same time, Alice Miller knew that Linda Cropp would have her replaced.


Alice Miller had all the reason to co-operate in an act of vote tampering to put Fenty over the top to secure her own job future and not be forced out like Wilma Lewis was in a dirty way by Fenty, as Fenty has gone after everyone like a psychotic pit-bull dog who did not support him or he feared would not do as he wishes.


Vote Tampering by Alice Miller came easily for three reasons:


1. Each ballot that was cast did not have a “Ballot No#” that could be linked to each voter;


2. The actual count of the ballots were done by Alice Miller and others in cahoots with the plan to stuff the box sort to say which was done by Miller by having in her office a large number of ballots that never made their way to the polls, ballots that had already been clicked off [X] Fenty which would replace votes one to one for the other candidates that were cast; and


3. This simple and non-traceable ballot system made it easy to stuff the ballot box sort to say, leave no evidence and all Miller had to do was to quickly dispose of those real ballots for the other candidates that had been replaced with [X] Fenty ballots as long as the number of ballots matched the number of voters who signed off at the polls.


Far fetched you might say but not so far fetched. Fenty was buying off everyone along the way even Linda Cropp’s campaign manager Phyllis Jones who saboteged Linda Cropp,and her reward for doing such was to quietly become a “Special Assistant” to Fenty.


The way Fenty won was the same way Muriel Bowser won!


Alice Miller is no stranger to dishonesty on the job. Read DC Inspector General’s report on Alice Miller & Company, Click here > The Report


The current system now in place down at the DC BOEE makes it possible for any election to be easily rigged, leave no evidence and there is little or no way to prove foul.


As easily as Fenty bribed his way to victory, the truth of what happened was just as easily bought from those in the know.

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