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I would like to use Gmail account to receive & keep wide varity of pictures sent to enter Fourth of July 2004 Photo Contest. In addition to that, my future plan to launch Washingto, DC Daily or Monthly Photo Contest requires huge space enough to manage tons of participants' photos. By holding those kinds of contests, we can bring much more people to DCpages.com. Activate DC community more.


Peace :lol:

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I would like an invitation to Google Mail as it's the one thing in the world thats related to computing that Microsoft cant seem to call their own. Hopefully by having a Google Mail acocunt I will not continually be offered tiny email account for massive amounts of money. Who wants to pay for a calendar for goodness sake. On top of this I also promoted Google to all of my friends and the next time they need something, its google alright! Finally I'd just like to say I love Google. I believe in everything it stands for from Google to Froogle to Gmail, I cant fault it, I just cant.


PS I think you're great. (nice little cheap plug there lol)



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I would be grateful if you sent me a GMail invite. I've been using the internet since 1993 and have used many of the old and new. I need it simply because I'm tired of having four different e-mail accountsin order to keep nice pictures from friends or unforgettable emails from "others" I'm tired of the juggling. If you send the invitation to me thanks. If not thanks. Peace


here's my email address trinic@netzero.net

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i need a gmail invitation please

i' m bored about hotmail and yahoo


if you have one to




also my friend has a gmail acc.but he doesn't have any buttons on the homepage of gmail to invite me ? what is needed for a gmailer to invite others ?

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