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InstantCast LIVE! not only connected me with a Talent Manager who now represents me, but I also received a call for extra work by the casting director I met at the event. I finally feel like my career has begun! Thanks InstantCast!

--Inga Draper, InstantCast Member



Thanks so much for your help. After a week of being apart of InstantCast I landed my first photoshoot. I was so happy.

-- Olga L. Santana, InstantCast Member



I have only been a member of InstantCast for two days, and I already landed a national commercial!

-- Curtis Cross, InstantCast Member



InstantCast LIVE! gave me an opportunity to meet new talent that normally would not have found their way to me. I've already started representing someone I found while speaking at the event. Thanks for asking me to participate!

-- Vickie Frankmano, V M Talent Management


...Stone Modeling Agency has called me to interview for a commercial, and Model Search America called me for their contest. Thanks so much InstantCast!

-- Shannon Jarrett, InstantCast Member


I went to the InstantCast LIVE Event in February and met Renee Godbout, one of the Casting Directors from Grant Wilfley Casting... Within one month of attending InstantCast LIVE! I received a call from Grant Wilfley Casting. I have been able to work for them in several projects and I am sure there will be more to come. InstantCast LIVE! surely paid for itself.

-- Luisa G. Narins, InstantCast Member



I'm relatively new to InstantCast, but I've gone and seen all the parts they've listed, and amazingly enough, they have parts everywhere. It's not just here in New York City. It's in California and everywhere you want to go.

-- Rebecca Schleifer, InstantCast Member



I never thought that I would be on TV, or in a magazine, or a model at that. I still took a chance and applied for an interview to go to Las Vegas and be in a runway show in front of thousands of people and execs from MTV. I was so, so, so excited when I got a call and the director said "Congratulations you are going to Las Vegas"!

-- Brittany Wingerter, InstantCast Member



I want to thank you again for all the support and for the tools that you provide. Recently, I was cast for the film, "The Other Woman." It was a wonderful experience.

-- Ed Bozzi, InstantCast Member



I went on an audition for America's Next Top Fashion Designer for the Women's Entertainment Channel. I was called back three times out of 270 people, and I made it down to the last 20!

-- Noreen Cozza, InstantCast Member



I love the SMS right to your cell phone. It makes me really want to get right home from work. I'm like I gotta go, gotta go. Then I go home and look it up and it's like Bingo!

-- Brian M Wickson, InstantCast Member



It was great meeting professionals and experienced people that could really teach you something that you could use later in life.

-- Crystal Cruz, InstantCast Member



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