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I will be delighted at any readers kindliness of a support given enabling me get my Ayurveda Kayakalpa treatment for leukemia scientifically researched in America.


I am an Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyan from Kochi (Cochin) practicing Indan indigenous vedic healing for many generations addressing difficult disease conditions. My main focus is leukemia. Though the Vaidyasala is a very tiny institution, this is probably the only center in the world where leukemia is cured with out side effects.


Pranavidhya, Marmatantra, and Ayurveda & Siddha Kayakalpa combined have been found significantly superior to all other treatment systems to heal leukemia. This Pure Healing can address all verities of blood cancers including AML, ALL, CML and CLL. Result is unique in patients of all ages. However the speed of recovery in children is amazing. In post chemo relapsed cases there is difference in the long term survival rate of people who get BMT/SCT vs. those undergo this treatment. For much advanced and terminal stage leukemia patients, they can strengthen what they still have before it dies completely. They can live more days with quality life.


I am glad to participate in study program of molecular biology or cancer genetics of universities of advanced nations to see scientifically how this healing reinstates normal cell functioning, even in diseases that do not respond to any treatment currently available. They can research if Pure Healing stops translocation of genetic matter from human chromosome number 15 to 17, nipping the anomaly in the bud. They also can see whether this therapy acts selectively, inducing cell death in only the malignant cells and not affecting neighboring healthy cells at all.


It is my sincere request to international scientific community to focus on what can be done to expand the current research environment so that practices that lie outside conventional science are appropriately addressed.


Thank you very much and wishing to hear from you.


Vaidyan, Kochi, India.


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