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I have been to several clubs here in the DC area and I just wanted to give my personal opinion on each of the ones I have been to.


1. Nation- This night club I believe has been shutdown now due to heavy drug use. This night club was by far the largest club I have been to around here with tall ceiling and big rooms. The music primarily played was the rave scene. Techno, Trance, Jungle, etc.


2. Platinum- This is a very good club if you like all the latest pop music. It has mostly some upbeat techno and it has a hip hop room which gets packed. Very popular with the local colleges/universities.


3. Daedulus- This night club on weekends I believe transforms into a asian club because the club started to play lots of asian music and the club had about 90% asians inside. Great if your into the asian scene. On weekdays it is okay.


4. Ben and Moe's- This club was primarily a club with a Middle Eastern theme as people could be seen smoking sheesha and there is often a live band playing Arabic music. Very relaxing and great place to hang with friends.


5. 1223 or MCCXXIII- This is more a bar/lounge than a night club. Still very coll and great place to knock back a few drinks with friends. Two floors and comfortable seating available. Gets pretty crowded sometimes though.


6. Ortanique- This is actually a very unique place to go because during the day it is a restaurant and by night it becomes like a bar/lounge area. They also have on Fridays and Saturdays I believe salsa dancing available strating from 10pm or so. There is a live band that plays music for this. There is also a very nice lounge area upstairs with a bar. This place has a Caribbean Theme.


7. Moonlight Cafe- this place is similar to Ortanique because it is a restaurant during the day. It has a Hispanic theme to it. There is lots of Latin American and Spanish music played here.


8. Dream- This nightclub is a very cool club. It has two floors and has one very big room which plays techno and upbeat music and it has cages for people to go in and dance inside. Upstairs there is a hip hop room. Overall a very good club.


Well I have not been to these clubs for close to a year now so things might have changed. I hope these reviews give you a better sense of some clubs in DC. :ph34r:

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hey can u hit me up with the name of any 16+ clubs please cause i need to find some in tha DC area...or if there are any underground hip hop clubs that do freestyle contests or breakdancin or somethin like that can u drop a line to me @ topgunn88@hotmail.com thanx

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