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I loved the first game which came out a few years ago. Ground Control goes back to realism by beating levels with the army given to you and not having the option of building up an army by gathering resources. Rather this game heavily relies on dropships to bring in reinforcements by gaining AP points. The game is very similar to homeworld but with fighting on the ground rather than in space. I personally think the development team should have used the control scheme for homeworld for this one because it was great for camera turning and zooming. Ground control kind of has an awkward way of moving and zooming in. I am playing the demo right now and you cant really customize or map any keys. I hope you can in the retail version. Anyway other than the weird camera controls the games graphics are amazing.

Take a look---- this is from the official website:



Here is another:



Well if anyone had the chance to play the retail version let me know how it is and if you can customize the controls for the camera viewing. Thanks!

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