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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow


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This is the sequel to the first game Splinter Cell that came out around last year. This game is now only a few months old and I recently started to play it and it is pretty good. I like how the creators used the light and shadow to hide the player. This time the main character, Sam Fisher, has to stop something called Pandora tomorrow. I havent played enough to know what it is yet but when I do I will give more info. Maybe some kind of chemical weapon I'm guessing. Anyway be sure to check out this game and if you want to enoy it to the fullest you might want to have a good computer.


Currently I am running:

AMD XP 2500+ Overclocked to 3200+

420 Watts Power supply

Geil Dual DDR 512

Western Digital Caviar Edition 80Gb

Sapphire ATI 9600 Pro (overclocked as well)

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum


With my computer I just about can play the game with everything turned to the max.

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