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May 4th One Night Only JEFF DUNHAM!!! in the Comedy Lounge

The DC Improv

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One night only in The DC Improv Comedy Lounge!


50 lucky people per show will have the opportunity to see Jeff Dunham up close and personal.


Long regarded as the nation's premiere ventriloquist, Jeff plays the "straight man" to Peanut the Woozle, Jalapeno on a Stick and Walter the angry old man. Jeff's comedic skill, quick wit and impeccable technique breathe life into these offbeat characters and create a show unlike any other. You will have to keep reminding yourself that it is really just Jeff up there.


The only person ever to win the prestigious Ventriloquist of the Year award twice, Jeff began teaching himself ventriloquism at the age of seven and was headlining corporate functions by the age of twelve. By the age of thirteen he had already been audited!


After finishing a degree in communications at Baylor University in 1988, Jeff moved to L.A. where he refined his skills. In 1990 Jeff appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and got invited to the couch, only the fourth comic ever to be invited to the couch on their first appearance in Carson's entire 30 year run. Jeff has since been on HBO, Showtime, ABC's Ellen, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America and TNN's "Hot Country Nights".


DC Improv

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