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Renunciation (Sanyasa) cannot come by emotions


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Renunciation (Sanyasa) cannot come by emotions

The renunciation (Sanyasa) cannot come by emotions if the cause is quarrel in the family and cannot be real if the aim is to earn the lively hood. Arjuna ( a devotee of God) wanted to take Sanyasa based on emotion developed in killing his grandfather. Sanyasa means detachment from the bonds of family. But Arjuna wanted to take Sanyasa due to attachment to the bonds of his family members like grandfather etc. Sanyasa is a natural consequence of the intensive attachment (devotion) to God. The emotion should be in the devotion and should not be in the detachment from the family.


The emotion in the devotion will spontaneously detach you from the family. Shankara(Human Incarnation of God) did not leave His mother just based on emotion or some family problems like poverty etc. He left the house to go to the Satguru called as Shri Govinda Bhagavat Pada and to proceed further for the propagation of the correct divine knowledge in the world. Sanyasa should come as natural and spontaneous consequence of your intensive interest on God. If one asks whether he should take Sanyasa or not, such Sanyasa is not real because sanyasa happens naturally and spontaneously without any enquiry or doubt about it. Shankara never had any debate about His Sanyasa from the house. It is just like a mad fellow naturally getting detached from the worldly matters. Will he discuss with any body that whether he should be detached from the worldly matters or not?

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