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A bill giving the District its first full seat in Congress cleared the House yesterday, marking the city's biggest legislative victory in its quest for voting rights in nearly three decades.


The bill faces considerable obstacles. Democrats don't appear to have enough votes in the Senate to avoid a filibuster, and the White House has threatened a veto. If the measure becomes law, it probably will be challenged in court.


It is reported that between four to seven conservative Democrats in the Senate will not be supporting voting rights for the District of Columbia.


We oppose voting rights for the District because of the constitutionality of such, and because it is not ordinary citizens who seek “this” vote but the Gay Community who has cleverly masked their real agenda behind the call for voting rights, and they have funded groups like DC Vote to achieve their un-Godly agenda.


Between a Senate filibuster, a Senate vote, a Presidential veto and a federal court review, the odds that DC will get a vote in Congress is highly unlikely.

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