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Rehearsal Spaces Available!


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Hi all,


Just wanted to get the word out the National Music Center has rehearsal rooms available for bands and musicians right in the heart of Washington DC. We have weekdays, evenings, and weekend availability.


Contact me, Clark Sabine for info and times. 202-383-1809 or clarksabine@comcast.net


See below for details.......


In addition to the 19' x 15' room we offer (all brand new):


Yamaha Custom Oak Drumkit w/ Cymbals

Full vocal PA w/ Shure SM58

Yamaha Motif ES8 Keyboard

Yamaha RGX320FZ Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Yamaha AES420 Electric Guitar

Yamaha B414 5 String Bass

Yamaha RBX374 4 String Bass

Yamaha CG111S Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha SVB-200SK Upright Silent Bass

Free guitar picks.....


We naturally encourage people to bring there own gear. The space is located on the ground floor and easy to access.



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