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Guest Lyndon LaRouche PAC

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Guest Lyndon LaRouche PAC

LaRouche PAC continues its campaign to destroy Al Gore and his genocidal "global warming" hoax with the posting of links to two articles from Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) on Al Gore's history of lies and other services to the Anglo-Dutch Liberal oligarchy. Just as Gore's promotion of "global warming" and a policy of restrictions on carbon emissions will have murderous effects on humanity, especially on non-white populations, Gore has a history of serving the interests of racists in and behind governments who are intent on destroying political leaders who stand up for justice and the common good for all people.


A research team has written two new articles which explore the racist role of Gore in targetting non-white populations for attack. In the 1970s, Gore was a newspaper reporter in Nashville. He worked with the FBI to entrap and indict an African-American Nashville city councilman, who was subsequently acquitted. Read the full story in this article - Racist Gore's Secret History as a Tennessee FBI Hit-Man . The second article, Dems Blasted Gore for Murder in Africa , exposes Gore's role, as Vice President in 1998 and 1999, in attempting to stop the government of South Africa from providing affordable, generic anti-AIDS drugs to treat its citizens who were HIV-positive. Gore personally delivered threats to South Africa Deputy President (now President) Thabo Mbeki to cut off U.S. economic aid to South Africa unless its government dropped plans for manufacture and import of generic anti-AIDS drugs.



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